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  • Competent and confident using a computer
  • Mac or PC with Windows 8.1 64 Bit and Windows 10 64 Bit.


CADBID is a Pytha add-on for bidding your jobs designed in Pytha 3D Modeller. This browser based software can be used both online or offline, and is designed to generate quotations, cutting lists, analysis reports and more!

For example, use CADBid to generate a real time quote for your customer after creating a project for your customer using Pytha 3D Modeller or Pytha Planner. This quote is created using actual data that includes sizing, finishes, price per part etc. that has been previously uploaded into your Company’s Master data bank.

Simplify your cost calculations with CADBid using the new online system’s centralised master for one company which can be seamlessly integrated with that of your existing offline system

Create quotations that your customers will love to see. A personalised, visually pleasing yet simple approach with all the necessary details reports for your Customer, Production team, Order login team and finally to the dispatch department.

Create your own product categories with different levels of pricing. ( ex. MRP, Dealer Price, Factory Price)

Streamline distributors’ entire operations, while providing the manufacturer with a window into select areas of his distributors’ operations

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