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With PYTHA you are using one of the most powerful drawing and design tools of our time.
This course will explain the functionality and functions of PYTHA Planner in Version 25.
With the PYTHA Planner you can easily draw a simple scene and drag and drop library elements into it.

You can create technical drawings, parts lists and if needed renderings of the scene.
Save the scene and send it to a colleague who can open it in the PYTHA Modeler
and will make it ready for documentation, quote and production.

User Interface
The PYTHA Planner has the same user interface as the PYTHA Modeler.
So it’s very easy to use the PYTHA Planner within a company because a trained PYTHA user can easily explain the Planner to a newcomer:
• Same but reduced icon bar
• Same look and feel of the graphic user interface
• Same ‘save’ commands for the project
• Undo and redo work in the same way
• Rendering environment identical to the Modeler
• Same render engine as the Modeler
• Tools delete, copy, rotate, extend or template work the same way as in the Modeler
• The plot menu includes all functions of the PYTHA Modeler.

Note that you can switch the user language with Ctrl + W.