What is 3d Cad Pytha ?

Pytha is a 3D Cad software which can be used in industries like architecture, interior design, woodworking etc. Pytha is a complete software that guides you from design to production. You can create detailed 3D models, interior spaces, furniture’s etc. It also allows you to generate 2D drafting, floor plans, elevations and other technical details from a 3D model. Pytha offers rendering and enables you to create photo realistic visuals of your designs. Pytha files can be integrated with other software and hardware, making it possible to work with CNC machines and other manufacturing processes.

Course Details

Understanding UI

To be able to work effectively in Pytha it is important to be familiar with Pytha terminology and its environment and model interface.

3D Modelling

Pytha allows you to create 3D models of buildings, furniture, and other objects. You can design, customize and visualize your projects in three dimensions.

Library & Parametrics

You will learn how to create library elements to make it easy for your project to directly customize as per your required size and model your projects.

Parts List – BOQ

Pytha parts lists includes items quantities, measurements and material specifications for every element of the project. It ensures project estimates.


Nesting in Pytha allows you to easily arrange your parts or panels on the nesting sheets thereby reducing material waste and production cost.


In workshop you can learn bore hole rules, edge banding, routing, define logics for drilling pattern. This tool helps to add connections to your 3D drawings.

2D Drafting

Pytha allows you to generate 2D drawings, floor plans, elevations, sections and other technical documentations from your 3D projects.


In Pytha you will learn to create photo realistic images, walk through, animations, and 360 panoramic view of your 3D projects.

Quotation – Cadbid

In Cadbid you can create quotes, cutting lists, analysis reports. This quote is created using actual data that includes sizing, finishes, price per part etc.

3d Cad Pytha Modeller Course

Training Fees – ₹48500 – 6 weeks

1 Months Internship with a Stipend
Official Pytha Certification On Successful Completion of Training and Internship.

Daily 1hrs Training with 3hrs of practice

How it works

3D Cad Pytha is a team of experts, we offer training for 3D modeling and designing with a focus on woodworking industries. Our main focus includes creating 3D objects, adding textures, materials, rendering, lighting, and animation.

  1. Offline Training
    We offer offline training in Mumbai. The course duration is 45 days. Training batch changes after every 50 days. After the training is done, a short test will be conducted and evaluated. Based on the results certificates for the course will be given.
  2. Online Training
    Training will be given by our training experts online via Zoom or Google Meet. Training material will be provided online. After the training is done, a short test will be conducted and evaluated. Based on the results certificates for the course will be given.
  3. 100% Job Guarantee
    Job placements will be provided for both online and offline students. 3 months Internship for freshers will be given.
  4. Accommodation
    Accommodation facilities will be given in Mumbai for offline students.

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Popular questions

The course duration is for 45 days. We provide online and offline training. It is a certified course. We will conduct a small test after the 45 days course. Certificates will be given based on the test results.

We provide jobs in companies which use 3D Pytha Software. Job opportunities are given everywhere in India as well as Middle East.

You need to have basic knowledge of computer. It is a plus point if you are from mechanical, engineer or interior background.

We provide accommodation in Mumbai for offline students. The place is closer to the training center.